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Essence of mountain

At Zensation we consider Tea to be the ‘essence of mountain’.

As the rain's fall, the flavour of a mountain is shown in the tea that it produced. Thats why we source the finest tea

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is the middle ground between green and black tea. The leaves are oxidized after harvest, but not as much as with black tea. This helps to retain a level of delicacy in the flavour and means the leaves are a lighter colour.

It has quite a fruity flavour and can be very delicate, but this depends on how oxidized the leaves are. The flavour becomes more intense the longer they’re exposed to air.

Oolong tea can help boost your metabolism, which can help to improve fat loss. What’s more, oolong also contains antioxidants, which can aid digestion and help get your gut back into a good habit.

Our Tea Master Raymond travels extensively every year to source artisinal teas from China, Taiwan and Japan. From Uji-cha to Fukuoka Gyokuro (Japanese teas) to the old Pu'er trees in Yunnan, Longjin sourced from Zhejiang province (Chinese teas) or high-mountain Taiwanese tea.

Raymond knows his tea intimately and he shares his knowledge generously.


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