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Green Tea Collection

Finest Japanese and Chinese Green

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Fruit & Herbal Tea Collection

Blends to help with Sleep & Energy

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Excellent quality and taste.

Our Blends use the finest sourced leaves & flowers, we have designed to cater for you.


Customer Reviews

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Tanya Auston.

"Love Zensation Tea House"

Has Purchased Tea in store.

Their shop is so calming & inviting. Great people & great service.

Tanya Auston.

Annie Le

"wonderful collection of teas"

has purchased a Hibiscus flower herbal tea

This place is just WOW ! A amazing tea house with wonderful collection of teas and unique style of serving and presenting each teas. The service is really good with very polite and humble people serving you with a smile and also with lots of information and knowledge about the teas.

Annie Le

Olivia Cannon

"The teas are phenomenal"

has purchased a Sweet Dreams

Amazing experience. The teas are phenomenal.I absolutely love coming here!

Olivia Cannon

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