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Essence of mountain

At Zensation we consider Tea to be the ‘essence of mountain’.

As the rain's fall, the flavour of a mountain is shown in the tea that it produced. Thats why we source the finest tea

What are the Health Benefits of Drinking Tea ?

The health benefits of drinking tea cannot be over-emphasized as it is also known for detoxifying and boosting the immune system amongst other health benefits. That said, we would focus principally on the effect tea on our health and general well-being


There are lots of varying factors that can be responsible for health damage. All of it narrows down to the fact that an unhealthy mind could translate into an unhealthy body. It is very important to keep a healthy mind and maintain a positive attitude because not doing so could gradually lead into health degradation.  Out of many others, confusion, lack of confidence and guilt are negative behaviors that can affect the mind and health altogether. Harboring these negative behaviors is consequential and could result into weight gain, bad skin, tiredness, and little or no productivity.


These negative behaviors could also enhance fatigue which in turn affects the cognitive function of a person, hence loss of productivity as a result. Most often than not, affected persons will develop eating disorders which will eventually  lead them into gaining weight. Once they gain weight, they feel less of themselves, feel guilty, think of their problems once more, are unable to fall asleep, and then; the cycle continues.



Each type of tea has its own benefits depending on its constituents. According to research, some tea types may help with even more serious health conditions
Teas are mostly classified into four main groups because of the way the basic constituent material, called Camellia Sinensis is processed. These groups are white, green, Oolong and black teas and they have increasing degrees of oxidation in that order during their processing. These oxidation level also account for their group colors.    

Tea is very beneficial and there is no known adverse effect. Here are a few health benefits of drinking tea

✅ Certain Teas Increase mental alertness: The more mentally alert you are, the more productive you’ll be !
✅ Some teas contain EGCG, EGCG is also known for preventing clogged up arteries.

✅ Tea helps with weight loss: Tea is very effective for an increased metabolism rate. Also, tea is calorie-free so you don’t have to worry about calories.
✅Tea boosts your immune system: Most teas are present with antioxidants and vitamins that help battle free radicals and strengthen immune cells.
✅ Certain Teas types may prevent bone issues, this will greatly reduce the feeling of fatigue or tiredness.
✅ Some Tea helps your digestive system: Tea enhances proper function of our digestive system as a result facilitates increased bowel movement.

Our Tea Master Raymond travels extensively every year to source artisinal teas from China, Taiwan and Japan. From Uji-cha to Fukuoka Gyokuro (Japanese teas) to the old Pu'er trees in Yunnan, Longjin sourced from Zhejiang province (Chinese teas) or high-mountain Taiwanese tea.

Raymond knows his tea intimately and he shares his knowledge generously.


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